We are aware of how important it is for business to protect their know-how. The experience gained over the years, work organization and technological processes are very valuable. Business owners are willing to implement measures to protect their trade secret.

It happens, however, that the steps taken, although formally correct, are in practice burdensome to apply or practically unenforceable.

Thanks to the experience gained, our lawyers know how to prepare and apply legal measures to protect your trade secret so that it is effectively protected.

Trade secret. First: education

Cases when an employee deliberately discloses an employer's trade secret are relatively rare. Much more often, leakage of confidential information occurs as a result of gaps in IT systems or technical security.

What happens frequently, however, is unintentional disclosure of a trade secret. It results from the fact that an employee does not know that what he or she does and says may cause such data leaks.

Employees often have a formal obligation to keep information provided by employers confidential. They sign documents, not fully understanding what they actually mean for their everyday work.

In our opinion, an effective way to prevent disclosure of an employer's confidential information is education of employees. It is advised to explain to employees which of their actions may cause such disclosure. Clear and easy examples are far more understandable than complicated contractual provisions and high monetary penalties.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in preparing and conducting internal training in companies.

We intelligibly explain our clients’ team what at their company it is considered a trade secret. We also teach how employees are obliged to protect it.

We also conduct short workshops on protecting employers’ know-how. Team members learn to recognize information that is an employer's trade secret and how to handle it properly.

We conduct such training in Polish and English, also remotely.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of drafting and negotiating contracts aimed at securing trade secret.

Tworzymy jasne i zrozumiałe umowy o zachowaniu poufności z kontrahentami i pracownikami. Potrafimy skutecznie zabezpieczyć w nich interesy naszych Klientów. Dbamy o to, aby ich know-how nie było chronione tylko na papierze.

We also prepare enforceable and well-structured non-competition agreements, both with employees and persons cooperating on other legal basis..

We develop internal policies and rules on protection of trade secrets, which are an informative documents, but also oblige employees to follow the rules.



In addition to training and creating contracts, our team also has experience in advising entrepreneurs what they can do to keep their trade secret not only formally, but also actually protected.

We provide opinions on the implemented solutions. We evaluate internal policies. Also, we suggest how to quickly and effectively meet the statutory requirements for the protection of confidential information by entrepreneurs.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our materials related to the subject of trade secrets in our Legal tips section section of our website.

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