Inheritance law

Inheritance law
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Our law firm in Gdansk has been dealing with inheritance law cases for many years. We provide legal advice and conduct court proceedings.

We explain the complicated rules of inheritance and reliably lead our Clients through the complexities of inheritance proceedings.


Inheritance law is an area of ​​law that may not seem very complicated at first glance.

It would seem that the greater part of the society has a relatively large knowledge of the principles of inheritance in Poland - after all, everyone comes into contact with these regulations at a certain stage of life. In most cases- as an heir, who wants to receive an inheritance or, on the contrary, who is very anxious not to inherit debts.

In practice, however, it turns out that the rules that are obvious on paper cause difficulties in real life.

According to a study commissioned by the Supreme Bar Council, it is inheritance law that Poles most often consult with a professional lawyer.

So what kind of help can you expect from a lawyer?

Our office in Gdansk will help you in the acquisition of an inheritance. We help clients at every stage of the inheritance proceeding. We will advise you on how to accept the inheritance in full or with the benefit of inventory. We help to systematize complicated facts and make a decision that best protects the client's interest.

Sometimes the heirs are not interested in acquisition of inheritance. In most cases they do not want to inherit numerous debts. Our lawyers help clients and their families to refuse unwanted inheritance at every stage of the proceedings.



If you have been left out of a will, despite the existing right to inherit, our law office is able to help you exercise you rights to a reserved portion.

We thoroughly discuss with our clients their situation and relationship with the deceased person. In particular, we evaluate the issue of donations given by the deceased, bequests and costs incurred for raising children entitled to a reserved portion.

We provide legal assistance to clients who want to fulfill their claim for payment or supplementation of a reserved portion.

You can easily draw up your will on your own on a piece of paper. You can also ask a public notary for help.

It happens, however, that clients expressly request the support of an attorney in the preparation of the content of the will. Then, of course, we are ready to help. We answer all our clients' questions and explain the legal consequences of regulations, such as provisions or instructions, that clients want to include in their will.



Our law firm also offers legal support in the area of distribution of the estate.

We help both with the judicial division of the estate and in the event that the heirs want to divide the estate in the agreement concluded by them.

As attorney-at-laws, we also provide legal advisory services in respect to inheritance law.

We draw up contracts regarding the inheritance, such as waiver of succession or sale of the estate.

In addition to conducting inheritance proceedings, we also offer single consultation services. At a meeting in our office in Gdansk or remotely, we will answer your questions regarding inheritance, reserved portion, will and other issues related to the inheritance.

If you need legal assistance regarding inheritance law, please contact us.

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