Unforeseen situations in the company's operations simply happen. We often have problems despite our best intentions. Particularly absorbing are those in the field of criminal law, especially criminal fiscal law.

Our law firm in Gdansk has extensive experience in defending clients in fiscal penal proceedings.

Criminal fiscal law. Legal representation IN CRIMINAL AND FISCAL PENAL PROCEEDINGS

We have extensive experience in representing our clients before authorities and courts in cases of tax offenses and crimes. We support clients in proceedings before customs agencies, tax offices and courts.

We offer professional legal assistance at each stage of penal fiscal proceedings - from preparatory proceedings to the final conclusion of the case. Przemysław Czaicki, attorney-at-law, acts as a defender in cases of fiscal crimes and offences before courts of all instances.

It happens that our clients reach us only after receiving an unfavourable resolution of a proceeding. We join the case at this stage and prepare appropriate means of appeal - appeals, complaints, cassation complaints or requests for reopening a proceeding.

We help our clients in cases related to criminal fiscal law in matters concerning, inter alia, VAT and income tax fraud and tax evasion.

We provide professional assistance in matters related to undisclosed income.

We also have experience in handling cases related to excise tax and custom duties.



Criminal fiscal law. A combination of different law areas.

Criminal fiscal law is an area that combines elements of various branches of law.

The essence of the procedure itself and the consequences resulting from the decision, such as imprisonment, include this area in criminal law.

On the other hand, the substantive settlement of the case very often depends on arrangements concerning the law of obligations, and thus refers to civil law. That is why a defense lawyer in criminal fiscal proceedings often has to prove the conclusion and circumstances of the performance of the contract or the existence of a legal relationship, relying on the provisions of the Civil Code.

The combination of extensive experience in criminal matters and many years of civil practice allows the lawyers of our law firm in Gdansk to offer clients professional legal assistance in penal fiscal proceedings.

If you need help in another area of ​​criminal law , please contact us our Law Firm.

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