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Criminal law
Criminal lawyer in Gdansk

Criminal lawyer in Gdansk

Przemysław Czaicki is a criminal lawyer in Gdansk for many years.

Od ponad 11 lat wspiera Klientów na każdym etapie postępowania karnego. Posiada duże doświadczenie w występowaniu przed sądami karnymi i organami ścigania, a prawo karne znajduje się w głównym obszarze jego zainteresowań.

A criminal lawyer may play various roles in the proceedings, but most often he/she acts as a defense attorney of the accused (both in criminal cases and in cases related to offences).

The role of a good attorney is to protect all rights of his client at every stage of the proceedings.

An effective lawyer takes an active part in actions undertaken in the case. He/she aims to ensure the best protection of their client's interests by taking takes measures foreseen by the law dynamically.

Criminal law also applies to victims of crime. An experienced lawyer who is familiar with the rules of criminal procedure is also a good representative of the aggrieved party. With sensitivity and determination, he/she supports a victim with professional legal assistance in this difficult situation of participating in criminal proceedings as an aggrieved.

Przemysław Czaicki deals with all categories of crimes and offenses.

He has extensive experience in cases related to crimes against property, economic relation, against life and health and against safety in communication.

Our law firm in Gdansk also conducts cases based on private prosecution.

What does a criminal lawyer do?


Attorney Przemysław Czaicki offers his legal assistance from the very beginning of the proceedings. He accompanies clients during interrogations by the police or the prosecutor's office. He requests the legal actions to performed and acts to the advantage of his client. He also supports clients at the stage of applying precautionary measures, e.g. during temporary arrest.

The assistance of our law office also includes representing the client in court during criminal proceedings. Acting as the defender of the accused, attorney Przemysław Czaicki conscientiously and objectively represents the interests of the client, always striving to acquittal of the accused or to reducing the penalty.

Our law firm in Gdansk represents clients before courts of each resort.

We also prepare cassations, complaints to the Supreme Court against the decision of the courts of appeals and applications for the reopening of criminal proceedings.



Sometimes, some help of a good lawyer in criminal proceedings is also necessary after the sentence has become final.

Our law firm in Gdansk offers professional legal assistance in cases related to aggregate sentence. We also conduct cases concerning conditionally discontinued proceedings.

We also deal with cases for compensation for wrongful conviction, temporary arrest or detention.

Przemysław Czaicki also has extensive experience in cases involving the replacement of imprisonment with electronic supervision.

Our law firm offers legal support in cases pending mainly in the territorial area of the Gdansk Court of Appeal.

This area includes cases conducted by district courts in Gdańsk, Elbląg, Słupsk, Toruń, Bydgoszcz and Włocławek.

Przemysław Czaicki, also has extensive experience in cases related to criminal fiscal law.

If you need our help in the field of criminal proceedings, please contact us.


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