Obsługa prawna e-commerce

Legal services for e-commerce

Currently, more and more companies run their business online. E-commerce and online marketing is a very effective way of selling products and services, but contrary to popular opinion, it is an area extensively regulated by law. There are many law provisions you can get lost in, if you do not have professional e-commerce lawyer.

That is why our law office in Gdansk provides professional legal services for e-commerce and online marketing. We have extensive experience in working with Marketing and Sales Departments at companies, we do understand market mechanisms and the specifics of the industry.

Legal services for e-commerce. We know legal aspects of online business.

  • For many years, we have been providing legal support to businesses that operate entirely online. We are aware of the challenges posed by such activity and how many law areas it touches.
  • We offer comprehensive legal services for your online store. We can help you create terms and conditions of your online store and develop policies for your website.
  • We have extensive experience in advising SaaS providers.
  • We will help you create order forms, terms of service, and sales contracts.
  • We will help you prepare documents related to the sale of products and services at a distance, ensuring compliance with the requirements for consumer and prosumer sales.
  • We will advise you on what legal content of a business website should contain and what information you should provide your clients with.
  • We can write in clear and understandable language for your client. We create transparent, modern and eye-catching documents in which the intricate legal language is kept to a minimum.

We support the creation of marketing content, advertisements, and website content to ensure their compliance with the law.

We are able to flexibly apply the applicable regulations in such a way that the marketing goal is achieved, while securing the interests of the service provider.

We understand the language of marketing and we can read the business assumptions of the project. We do not flood our clients with legal content, leaving them in chaos and uncertainty. We present ready-made solutions as well as indicate and explain possible risks.



Legal services for e-commerce also cover aadvising on data protection laws and regulations in online business.

We prepare privacy policies, cookie policies and the necessary information clauses.

We also know how to construct simple and understandable information when checking checkboxes in contact forms, subscribing to newsletters or webinar invitations.

We are aware of the importance of a clear message and not too broad a form, while ensuring the legality of the message for the recipient.

We help our clients to create terms and conditions of contests and promotions that protect their interests in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

We know how to prepare understandable documents that include conditions of promos or competitions. We know the rules for organizing such events in social media.

We have experience in the online marketing industry and we know what contests and promotions on the e-commerce market look like.



We have experience in creating and providing legal support for referral programs for our clients' stores.

We know the trends and rules of various affiliate programs both in Poland and on the global market.

We are able to present the rules of your program in easy-to-read documents.

We advise our clients on the promotion of their goods and services also offline. If you wish to learn more on how we can help you in your marketing activities, please visit Law in Marketing section of our website.


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