Our Law Firm in Gdansk also provides legal services to persons against whom enforcement proceedings have been initiated.


Have you received correspondence from a court enforcement officer (bailiff) informing that the enforcement proceeding against you has been initiated?

Or, have you tried to withdraw money from a bank account and it turned out to be blocked? Has your remuneration for work or retirement pension been reduced? Have you not received the expected tax refund?

Such cases are nothing special, when you know that you took a loan and had a problem repaying it or lost a court case for payment and did not pay the debt.

But the situation is completely different if the information about the initiation of enforcement procedure, the seizure of a bank account or a reduced salary is totally unexpected.

There are situations when someone did not even know about legal proceedings against them. It may happen that years ago he/she has not paid a fine for travelling without a valid ticket. Or they have not paid the phone bill in full. In the meantime, they have changed the place of residence, the years pass and the whole case has been forgotten. Until the letter from the bailiff has come.

Then the debtors seek the help of a professional lawyer who will help them clarify the situation and close the case.

First of all, an attorney helps to determine what the alleged debt comes from. It also determines the address to which the correspondence from the court was sent and whether it was received by an authorized person. It carefully examines whether there are grounds for reopening the proceedings or for restoring the deadline for bringing an appeal. A lawyer checks whether it is possible to remove the enforcement clause and stop the enforcement proceeding.

Our law firm in Gdansk has extensive experience in the matters described above.

We have repeatedly helped surprised clients to end the enforcement proceedings without having to pay the enforcement officer.

In each case, the enforcement procedure was an effect of the premature legal steps of a creditor, who applied to the bailiff with a request to initiate enforcement, while our clients had no chance to defend themselves.



Our law firm in Gdansk also helps clients to exercise their rights during enforcement proceeding. We jointly care for the protection of the client's interests and the execution of such enforcement which - while respecting the law - should not be too severe for the client.

f you are interested in legal assistance of our law firm in Gdansk, please contact us.

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