Legal services for companies

Legal services for companies

Our Law Firm in Gdansk has extensive experience in providing legal (corporate) services to companies, including foreign companies.

Corporate law firm- how can we help?

We offer our clients both ongoing legal support, which enable them to outsource legal services, as well as ad hoc or project support in their current operations.

Nasza obsługa prawna spółek obejmuje

  • Establishment of a limited liability company, joint stock company, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership and general partnership
  • Preparation of civil law partnership agreement
  • Assistance in establishing branches and representative offices;
  • Comprehensive day-to-day service for commercial law companies (including public companies);
  • Opinion, preparation and negotiation of contracts in business transactions;
  • Corporate documents
  • Supporting the management board and other corporate bodies in the timely and correct performance of their duties;
  • Preparing and conducting general shareholders meetings and supervisory board meetings;
  • Analysis of the legal status of companies (audit /due diligence);
  • Appeals against resolutions of company bodies;
  • Liquidation and transformation of the company

We help clients from abroad to open and close a business in Poland, as well as to solve problems related to running a company in Poland.

We have gained extensive experience advising companies "from outside", but also when working as an in-house lawyer, so we know the realities of work in companies.



We know that what counts in the work of a lawyer is time, business approach and an open mind. We are able to flexibly approach the presented concepts and try to look for optimal solutions that are consistent with the business assumptions of our clients.

We answer questions and give opinions on our clients' ideas and prepare the necessary documents. We also supervise entire processes and take care of their effective and reliable course.

Our Law Firm in Gdańsk provides services to companies both in the form of permanent cooperation and by offering assistance with specific issues.

We propose our clients a diversified offer, tailored to the needs and possibilities of each client.

As a rule, our law firm in Gdansk offers various options for determining remuneration based on three basic models:

  • fixed remuneration - based on a predetermined rate, including the number of hours per month agreed with a client. This model is eagerly chosen by clients who need an ongoing legal assistance for their company
  • flat-rate remuneration - it is also based on a predetermined rate. It covers the scope agreed with the client, regardless of the amount of time spent by our lawyer on conducting a case.
  • hourly remuneration, depending on the amount of our time spent on a case. Such a remuneration model is usually chosen when it is difficult to define in advance the scope of activities to be taken.

We work with experienced specialists, including tax consultants, accountants, as well as public notaries, enforcement officers (bailiffs) and patent attorneys.

If you run your business on the Internet, you may want to check our legal services offer for e-commerce.

We encourage you to read our business law advice in the Legal tips section of our website.

Legal services for companies- remuneration rules

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