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We are professional lawyers deeply engaged in your legal matters. Our law firm in Gdansk is run by experienced lawyers working together to deliver high quality legal services - Przemysław Czaicki and Agata Czaicka. We also cooperate with other reliable and experienced lawyers in Gdansk, Tricity area and across Poland. Are you searching for a lawyer in Gdansk? Check our website!



We enjoy what we do. Our practice areas were consciously chosen - this is what we want to do and what we are good at.


Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services to small and medium businesses in Gdansk and across Poland. Here is the list of our practice areas:


Everyone needs a lawyer sometimes. If it is your case now, please take a look at what our law firm in Gdansk can do for you:

Adwokat Gdańsk Radczyni prawna Gdańsk Agata Czaicka Przemysław Czaicki

We do understand your needs. we know how to help you.

We don’t quote legal provisions and leave you confused. You receive specific and understandable advice and complete legal service tailored to your needs.

We are here to help you solve your legal problem and to protect you from one.

commitment - experience – individual approach

Lawyers in Gdansk

Attorney-at-Law in Gdansk

Adwokat Gdańsk Kancelaria Adwokacka Przemysła Czaicki

I established my own law firm in Gdansk in 2013.

I provide legal services to business and private persons.

I am well-experienced in criminal, family and inheritance law. I also lead criminal fiscal law cases.

Since I have become an attorney-at-law, I have gained a great experience as a defender in criminal cases. I support my clients at every stage of criminal proceedings.

I also help my clients to get through their divorce cases, including cases with foreign element.

As an attorney-at-law, I provide my legal services to business. I support my clients both in corporate affairs, incl. holding general meetings of shareholders, and in all legal cases related to day-to-day operations. For many years I have dealt with legal obligations of listed companies.

My law firm in Gdańsk co-operates with court enforcement officers (bailiffs), public notaries and expert witnesses of different specializations.

I have an analytical mind and I break the facts of the case and complex legal issues down. My goal is to find the most effective solutions and to give my clients professional and practical advise.

I am also the captain of football team called IUS United, comprising attorneys-at-law, enforcement officers and other legal professionals from Gdansk and Tricity area. I proudly represent Gdańsk Bar Association in international football tournaments for lawyers in Lithuania, Russia and Azerbaijan.

Agata Czaicka

Radca prawny Agata Czaicka Kancelaria Adwokacka Adwokat Przemysław Czaicki Gdańsk

I am an attorney-at-law since 2013.

I studied law at University of Gdansk and at Heinrich Heine Universität in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I worked as an in-house lawyer at companies in Gdansk for 13 years. That is how I have learnt how business works from the inside and what business expects from a lawyer. As a hard-working, goal-oriented professional, I am able to easily find a common ground with internal clients hired at various levels in the organization.

Also, as of 2014, as an attorney-at-law, I provide my legal services to clients of our law firm in Gdansk.

As an attorney-at-law, I provide my legal services to business, mostly SMB. I offer a wide range of expertise to companies and entrepreneurs who seek advice regarding employment law, marketing, e-commerce, digital law and any legal issues related to commercial contracts.

For more than 11 years I have supported IT teams and IT companies. I am experienced in tech law. I am aware of specific features of this sector, creating and reviewing plenty of tech law contracts.

All the contracts I create are simple and understandable, and at the same time- they protect clients’ interest effectively. My legal opinions are reliable and specific, and I always explain to my clients what applicable law provisions actually mean. My goal is to always prepare consistent documents that are easy-to-read and easy-to-use.

I conduct internal trainings, related to trade secret for employees, both held in Polish and English.

Out of passion, I am also professionally engaged in food law. I cooperated with the best European food lawyers, acquiring knowledge from them and learning how EU regulations work in practice.

My principle is an individual approach to each case. I always try to understand the whole background and carefully consider specific situation of each client. I don’t propose identical solutions for different cases. What I do is to provide a tailored response to our clients’ needs.

legal tips

szybki podział majątku wspólnego po rozwodzie ilustracja małżeństwa

Rozwodzisz się, ale nie zależy Ci na długiej sądowej batalii? Chcesz zakończyć małżeństwo i sprawy związane z podziałem majątku jak najszybciej? Sprawdź, co musisz wiedzieć i jak to zrobić.

umowa nda pomoc prawna sprawdzenie umowy o zachowaniu poufnosci

Umowa NDA - często spotykany dokument otwierający wiele współprac, nie tylko biznesowych. Przeczytaj, w jakich sytuacjach się ją zawiera i jaki jest rzeczywisty cel. Dowiedz się, co w niej zawrzeć, żeby zapewnić jej realną skuteczność.

Rozwód to nie tylko bardzo obciążające psychicznie wydarzenie, ale moment, w którym trzeba uregulować wiele bardzo istotnych kwestii. Jedną z nich jest sprawa mieszkania po rozwodzie. Jakie mamy opcje? Czy zawsze sąd rozstrzyga kwestię mieszkania? Co jeśli małżonkowie muszą mieszkać razem nawet po rozwodzie? Jak się odnaleźć w gąszczu regulacji prawnych?

we remain committed to the end.

What our clients say

" Thank you for taking my case up professionally. From the beginning of my cooperation, I felt that I turned to the right people. Reliability, honesty and empathy are the words that, in my opinion, best describe Mrs. Agata and Mr. Przemysław. I recommend such lawyers to everyone. ”
Anna M.
"A case in which the Prosecutor's Office discontinues the proceedings twice. Mr. Czaicki helps with the submission of a subsidiary indictment, which finally triggers the initiation of court proceedings. The case is ultimately won in the first and second instance. Awarded compensation for the damage by the accused and supervision of Mr. Czaicki over the execution of the sentence. The case was successfully handled from the beginning to the successful conclusion! "
"Effective and fast-acting lawyer. I am very satisfied with the professional help I got."
Krzysztof L.

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Lawyers in Gdansk

Kancelaria Adwokacka Przemysław Czaicki

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Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Agata Czaicka

Kartuska 5 (1st floor)
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Agata Czaicka

+ 48 504 019 154

TAX ID: 583 303 99 68

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