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Our extensive and diverse expertise enables us to offer a wide range of legal services covering not only traditional legal fields, such as civil, criminal or family law, but also niche practice areas including inter alia food law, sport law, as well as regulations connected with reporting obligations of securities issuers. Over the last few years our team has participated in a variety of legal trainings, both in Poland and abroad concerning areas of the team’s practice. In addition, we broaden our knowledge systematically and continue to acquire professional abilities on the possibly highest level in order to assist our Clients in the most comprehensive manner.

Criminal law

  • client representation in criminal proceedings at all stages as a defense counsel;
  • acting as a  defense counsel at the stage of executive proceeding;
  • preparation of all procedural writs including appeals and cassations;
  • representation of an aggrieved party, as a private or a subsidiary prosecutor at all stages of criminal proceedings;
  • drawing up a private or a subsidiary indictment;

Law of obligations

  • legal disputes, both court and extrajudicial, related to civil obligations;
  • pursuing claims arising from agreements, contractual penalties etc.;
  • defense against unentitled claims;
  • drawing up and reviewing agreements of any kind;
  • negotiation of agreements’ provisions on behalf of a Client;

Family law

  • support in legal issues related to family law;
  • divorce, separation or marriage annulment;
  • establishing a system of separate estates and distribution of assets after termination of marriage;
  • regulation of contacts between parents and children, legal issues related to parental authority;
  • determining of the affiliation of the child, determining or denial of maternity or paternity;
  • pursuing alimony in favour of a child or a spouse;

Law of inheritance

Comprehensive legal advice, as well as Clients’ representation including inter alia:

  • court declaration or notarial certification of succession;
  • annulment of a will;
  • declaration of unworthiness of an heir;
  • property partition and termination of co-ownership of property;
  • property partition and termination of co-ownership of property;
  • legal issues related to the liability for succession debts;
  • legal assistance concerning preparation of will, disinheritance proceedings or advice on allowed and valid prenuptial agreements

Property law

Comprehensive assistance in all legal aspects involving the below:

  • sale and purchase of property, including real estates;
  • assistance in handling claims based on physical and legal defects;
  • protection of ownership and possession;
  • legal issues related to adverse possession;
  • settlement of disputes related to co-ownership, including termination of co-ownership;
  • limited real rights, including transmission easement and easement of way (right of way) and all the claims related thereto;
  • legal assistance provided to housing associations;

Receivables collections

  • legal services related to receivables collection at the stage of pre-litigation;
  • legal support aimed at obtaining enforcement titles;
  • client representation in enforcement proceedings;
  • legal assistance provided to companies’ debt collection departments


legal services at the pre-litigation stage and client representation in court proceedings with regard to pursuing claims on the below:

  • car accidents,
  • accidents at work,
  • medical errors,
  • insurances,
  • protection of personal rights,
  • unjust conviction and imprisonments;

Consumer protection and competition law

  • consumer representation in disputes against sellers, including inter alia warranty issues, as well as matters regarding inconsistency of goods with the agreement etc.;
  • legal support connected with abusive contract terms;
  • legal assistance with regard to protection of consumers’ rights on the Internet i.e. review of websites’ terms and conditions, issues related to online sale, right of withdrawal from distance selling agreements etc.;

Commercial law

  • incorporation and registration of a company;
  • establishing a branch or a representative office;
  • comprehensive on-going legal assistance to corporate clients conducting activity in private as well as public sector;
  • review, drafting and negotiation of contracts in economic relations;
  • drafting of corporate documentation;
  • organizing and chairing ordinary and extraordinary shareholders, general assembly or supervisory board meetings;
  • analysis of legal status and condition of companies (legal audit, due diligence);
  • appealing against the resolutions of companies’ bodies;

Legal audit

  • conducting legal audit of companies to the extent determined by Clients;
  • legal services performed ad hoc (legal audit) or on an ongoing basis (acting as a compliance officer);
  • compliance issues related to the scope of business activity of Clients;
  • assessment of legal status of real estates, chattels or intangible assets;
  • legal analysis of any pending court or administrative proceedings in the context of their potential impact on further legal status of the companies in question;
  • determining whether particular transactions are safe from the legal perspective

Reporting obligations of securities issuers

  • ongoing and ad hoc legal support related to reporting obligations of securities issuers;
  • legal assistance in reports submitted via EBI/ESPI, current and periodic reports, including the management board report on the operations of a company;
  • confidential information- delay in submitting, extent of disclosure;
  • closed periods – prohibitions and obligations related thereto;
  • preparing of the internal procedures, based on the Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies;
  • legal representation before authorities (PFSA (KNF), National Depository for Securities- KDPW);
  • legal issues connected with the significant package of shares (control stock);
  • notification of the conducted transactions;
  • assistance regarding meetings of general assembly – preparation of schedules, necessary documentation, drafts of resolutions, completing required registrations;


  • evaluation of legal aspects of a company business activity in terms of their compliance with the applicable regulations;
  • evaluation of a company legal documents (ongoing or performed on a one-off basis), conducting the legal audit, assessment of internal procedures applied in a company, in terms of their compliance with applicable regulations;
  • acting as a compliance officer;

Internet law

  • comprehensive legal assistance provided to online businesses;
  • drafting terms of service of online stores, websites etc., drafting privacy policies;
  • handling data protection issues ;
  • Internet domains- legal aspects of domain registration and recovery;
  • marketing on the Internet – evaluation of marketing campaigns, including legal aspects of email marketing;
  • legal services related to organizing online contests, lotteries, affiliate programs, including in particular drafting terms and conditions;
  • protection of personal goods, IP and image protection on the Internet,

IP law

  • evaluation, negotiation and drafting agreements related to copyrights, including agreements on transfer of copyrights, license and sublicense agreements;
  • registration of trademarks in both Republic of Poland and as Community Trade Marks in EU, as well as providing support in trademark registration proceedings in the United States;
  • drawing up legal opinions regarding IP issues;
  • copyrights’ protection on the Internet;

Food law

  • legal assistance with respect to products’ composition compliance with Polish and EU law;
  • notification of introduction of food products into Polish and EU market;
  • evaluation of marketing materials regarding food products, in particular, assessment in terms of approved health and nutritional claims regulations;
  • drafting or evaluation of a food product label in terms of applicable Polish and EU regulations;

Sport law

  • drafting and negotiation of agreements related to professional sports;
  • representation before common or arbitration courts;
  • ongoing legal assistance to sports’ federations or associations, sports clubs as well as to sportsmen, couches or managers;
  • preparation and negotiation of sponsorship agreements;

Labour law

  • client representation in settlement or court proceedings;
  • legal assistance to employers regarding labour law issues;
  • drafting work regulations, employment agreements, non-competition agreements (prohibition on competition agreements), employment termination documents etc.;
  • determination of existence of an employment relationship;
  • evaluation of legitimacy of employment termination, reinstatement into work, declaration of ineffectiveness of the notice of termination;
  • legal assistance in cases related to remuneration for work and other benefits;
  • legal support related to mobbing and discrimination at the workplace;

Administrative law

  • legal assistance in obtaining an administrative decision of any kind;
  • legal representation in administrative proceedings;
  • drafting complaints to administrative courts;
  • legal representation before administrative courts;
  • badanie zasadności rozwiązania stosunku pracy, przywrócenie do pracy, uznanie wypowiedzenia za bezskuteczne;
  • sprawy o zapłatę wynagrodzenia, odpraw, odszkodowań, wynagrodzenia za nadgodziny;
  • sprawy z zakresu mobbingu i dyskryminacji;

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