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Forms of cooperation

Our team offers their services both to business entities and to individuals.

We offer two different ways of cooperation- as an ongoing legal assistance or as a legal services performed on a one-off basis or ad hoc. The ongoing legal assistance consists in complex, long-term legal support provided to the extent indicated by a Client. Our services of ad hoc nature are performed solely in respect to an issue presented and requested by a Client, e.g. assistance in a court proceeding, analysis of a particular legal problem, drafting a legal opinion or an agreement, carrying out a legal audit etc.


As regards the remuneration for our services, we offer our Clients different options based on two basic models:

  • Lump-sum fee- irrespective of amount of time spent on the case, we offer a flat- rate fee. In case of litigation before a court, it is also possible to agree on a partial success fee, in the amount dependent on a result of the court proceeding.;
  • Hourly rates- our remuneration depends on the time amount spent on a legal problem presented by a Client. This option applies mostly in case of issuing a legal opinion or when a precise amount of time needed for a Client’s case is difficult to determine. ;

The remuneration amount is each time agreed with a Client and depends, in particular, on complexity of a legal problem, our specialized knowledge required to solve the legal issue and on the amount of time needed for the case.

Our remuneration does not include court and administrative fees, taxes, translation costs etc. The expenditures related to travel and allowance are each time agreed with a Client.

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